As we continue to investigate Listening Prayer as a congregation, here is another exercise to try.

Ask the Lord who you should picture before Him today.  Ask Him where He would like you to meet that person.

Picture yourself taking that person to meet God there.  Present that person to the Lord.  Tell the Lord why you are burdened for that person and ask for His help.

Watch and see what Jesus does.  Bless what He is doing and ask for more.   Continue reading “Intercession”

Have another go

Picture yourself standing beside Jesus in front of a mirror. Imagine that He’s just breathed a big breath onto the mirror.  If He were to use His fingertip to write a message on the mirror about your true identity, what would He write?  Read it.

Now ask Him to wipe off the steam so that when you look in the mirror, you can see yourself as He sees you.  What do you see?

What did Jesus show you?  Why did He show you that?

Hold it up to these three tests:   Continue reading “Have another go”

Have a go

On Sundays we have been learning about, and experiencing, Listening Prayer.  Here’s an encouragement exercise.

Ask God the following questions and then write the answers in the form of an encouragement letter to whoever God directs.

  • Who do You want me to encourage today? Why?
  • What do You see when you look at them? Why?
  • How do You feel about them? Why?
  • What’s one reason why You are pleased with them?
  • What word of promise or Scripture verse could I share?  Why do You want them to know this?
  • What symbolic gift could I give them from You?  What does it represent?

What’s a better question than ‘Was that my imagination?’

In Chapter 4, Brad Jersak states that asking ‘Was that God or my imagination?’ is frequently like asking ‘Is that water or is that blue?’  Frequently the answer is ‘Yes’ – not either/or but both/and.  Even asking the question ends the conversation with God.  Brad says a better question to ask is ‘Is that true?’  



The pattern of ancient Near-Eastern weddings provides an analogy for the Church as Christ’s bride.

First came a period of engagement, which, unlike today, was a legally binding agreement:  A divorce was necessary to break it.  This describes our relationship to Jesus now  Continue reading “Engagement”

Testing the Voice of God Part 2

Historically, Christians have distinguished the voice of God from three other voice-types:

  • The world, including advertising, media, educational and political systems.
  • The flesh, also known as the ‘sinful nature’, the dark side of our own mind, will and emotions.
  • The devil;  oppressive or seductive messages from the kingdom of darkness.

In addition, I would add a fourth category:   Continue reading “Testing the Voice of God Part 2”