It’s only two weeks until Chocolate Sunday

Chocolate Sunday, 29 November 2015

Who are you going to invite?

On 29th November we are holding our Chocolate Sunday which is a ‘taste and see’ morning to which we can all invite our friends. It will be a fun all-age service with a chocolate theme alongside the gospel message. We are really excited about it and feel that God is very much in it so are praying for a good number to attend and hear the good news about Jesus. As well as our personal invites we have advertised with posters around the town, on social media and every child in Ottery Primary School will go home with a flyer about it during the week before the Sunday. Invites will also be given out at Messy Church tomorrow.

In the three weeks following the Chocolate Sunday we will be deliberately looking into Jesus life and we hope that people will continue with us and come to those services.

Fliers and posters are available, please ask!

Chocolate Sunday flyer

Listening Prayer and inner healing (3)


When we ask someone to confess painful emotions stored in a particular memory, we find that every one of these emotions falls into one of two categories:  truth-based burdens and lie-based pain.  Jesus approaches each one differently.  He lifts burdens away to the Cross and He removes lies by showing us the truth.

Can You Hear Me?  Chapter 13.


Listening Prayer and inner healing (2)


My friend Heather and I were praying for Terri, a young Christian who struggled deeply with depression, loneliness and abandonment.  When we asked the Lord to track this back to a seminal moment, Terri recalled her childhood memories of being five and six years old and coming home to an empty house or being left to babysit her toddler sister.  They lived in a caravan in a rough area of town.  She recalled the deep-seated fear and loneliness of those years.  She would lock all the doors and hide inside until her parents returned from work.

As we prayed, Terri exploded in fits of tears, ‘Where was Jesus then?’   Continue reading “Listening Prayer and inner healing (2)”

Listening Prayer and Inner Healing


Shani sat with my wife, sobbing deeply through a stream of healing tears.  She had just witnessed a profound revelation with the eyes of her heart.  The Lord had taken her back to a painful memory involving an indecent assault.  As she recalled the scene, she saw Christ enter the room and draw next to her, take her hand, and weep for her.  As He did, her sorrow became His, and she felt the burden of sadness leave her heart, to be replaced by peace.  Suddenly, she gasped.

‘I can’t believe this!  Jesus has just taken my place!   Continue reading “Listening Prayer and Inner Healing”

Having a Meeting Place when seeking inner healing

Three-way conversational prayer is helpful in seeking inner healing for someone.

In this model, you ask a question, Jesus gives the answer to the person you’re praying for, and he or she reports Jesus’ answer back to you.

Rather than sort out ourselves which ‘window’ of a person’s soul we must enter in order to invite Jesus, much better to just find Jesus first and ask Him to lead us there.  Everyone, even the most wounded soul, has a safe place in his or her heart in which to meet Jesus.  It might be any of the Meeting Places we studies earlier.  It’s like the ‘hallway’, a place of safety where Jesus will meet us and lead us into the healing work that he deems necessary for that session.

A meeting place enables you to find Jesus in a safe place rather than searching frantically for Him in the middle of a traumatic memory.  It becomes a safe ‘square one’ base for all forays into healing.

In the meeting place, Jesus prepares us to enter painful memories.  He provides, comfort, courage, reassurance and promises before we enter the scary places.  If things in a memory get a little ‘hairy’, you can always retreat to the ‘hallway’ for more clarification or courage.

A meeting place establishes Jesus as the leader of every prayer ministry time.  Whenever you feel lost, you can simply ask, ‘What needs to happen next?’  As Trevor Walters, an Anglican priest, once told me,

‘The less you think you know, the more authority you’ll have.’

That’s because you leave more space for Jesus to work rather than assuming you know how to sort the problem.

From Can You Hear Me? Chapter 13.   Brad-Jersak-Can-you-hear-me-201x300

Listening Prayer and outreach (3)

When Manda first came to our youth group, she didn’t know Jesus, but she was desperately thirsty.  She struggled with her self-image and an eating disorder that was rooted in an abuse memory.  She heard testimonies of other girls who had experienced healing of memories, so she asked for some prayer.  I knew she did not know Jesus yet, but I could see no reason why He wouldn’t turn up for her.

Manda began to walk through the memory as a little girl and, sure enough, Jesus turned up.  He held out His hand and beckoned her to take it and follow Him.  Manda hesitated a little, so I asked the Lord whether He would take and hold her.  But He continued to just stand there looking at her and waiting for her to take His hand.  When she finally did so, He scooped her up in His arms immediately and washed the stain of shame from her body.  Then He put on her a perfectly white, little dress and she was filled with His love.

Then the Lord gave me a question to ask her:  ‘Manda, what do you think of Jesus now that you’ve met Him?’

‘I love Him!’ she responded.

‘And how does it feel to have that stain removed?’ I asked.

‘Wonderful!’ she said, her eyes brimming with tears.

‘Would you be willing to let Jesus wash all the stains of sin and shame from your heart?  And would you like to be friends with Him always?’

It was a no-brainer.  Not only did she commit her life to Him that day, so did her friend who had come with her for moral support!  Later, the Lord also delivered her from anorexia.  Today, she is happily married and still holding Jesus’ hand.

Can You Hear Me?  Chapter 11.


Converting bedtime prayers into Listening prayer

We have been using Listening Prayer with the children at Explore for many years.  Children hear the Lord easier than anyone else.  It’s normal.  Children who can’t hear the Lord anymore (yes, anymore) have usually been inadvertently shut down by an adult.

Many parents are used to walking their children through some standard prayers at bedtime.  It’s not difficult to convert these rituals into three-way prayers between you, your child and Jesus.   Continue reading “Converting bedtime prayers into Listening prayer”