Ministering grace and love

There are many ways to do this, not only in practical care and kindness for those who need it, but through the way we respond in difficult and indeed ordinary situations.

How do we engage with the check-out person, or the lonely shopper in the charity shop, or the new parent at the school gate, or do an appraisal with the other person’s long-term interests at heart, not just the company’s?

Making good work

This includes both what we do and how we do it.

It means doing good work that serves other people, contributes to human flourishing and stewards creation. It means doing your tasks consciously for the Lord, in the Spirit, to His glory, seeking His wisdom, His strength and His touch.

Your best with His transforming help.

Modelling Godly Character

In tough times and easy ones, with difficult people and delightful people, how might you manifest the fruit of the Spirit – love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control?
Which one is a struggle for you?
Are you praying that you grow in the Christ-likeness of your responses?

Fruitfulness On The Frontline: The Big Picture

Lynn introduces our new series, Fruitfulness on the Frontline, asking the questions:

Where are my Frontlines?

Who is on my Frontline?

What would I like to achieve in this series?

For what and for whom can I start to pray?

What could be my first step?

Lynn also mentioned cards to remind us of the main points that we will be considering in this series. These will be available next Sunday:


Why should we believe that Jesus Christ is human?

Both the full humanity and deity of Jesus are inseparable from Christianity and our hope of Salvation through Him.

All but one reference to the name Son of Man (more than eighty) are said by Jesus.  This was His favourite way of referring to Himself;  He demonstrated that He gladly and frequently identified Himself with lowly humans, the ones He created and came to save.   Continue reading “Why should we believe that Jesus Christ is human?”

What is my Frontline and why does it matter?

Today at Explore, Colin introduced a new series Fruitfulness on the Frontline, discussing the concept of a frontline that will be developed throughout the series.

Click to view the Comments to read a definition of our ‘Frontline’.

Here are the three short videos he used:

Making a difference where you are

Explore starts a new series Fruitfulness on the Frontline on Sunday 31 May.

It’s a horizon-expanding, spirit-lifting, liberating view of how God can and does work in and through us in our daily lives, whether we are a student or retired, at the gym or at work, at the school gate or in the supermarket.

It’s a little different, with a short video input each Sunday.  Here’s a 2-minute teaser of what is coming!

It’s a fresh and original framework for fruitfulness.   Continue reading “Making a difference where you are”

What is sin?

The topic of ‘sin’ can be unappealing because it is not enjoyable to think about and is so unflattering to us.  Nevertheless, it is critical because it speaks to our perspectives on God, ourselves, the world around us, and the need for salvation based on God’s grace alone.   Continue reading “What is sin?”

What does it mean that God is a Trinity?

The idea of the Trinity is that God is one in essence (or being or nature) and three in person, each of the three persons fully and eternally sharing in the one divine essence.

trinity Click the image to enlarge it.

This would be a logical contradiction if it were affirming that God is one and three in the same way at the same time.  However, the affirmation is that God is one in one aspect (essence) and three in a different aspect (person).   Continue reading “What does it mean that God is a Trinity?”