Week 9: The sermons of Jesus

This Sunday Roy and Pat introduced the coming week’s Essential Jesus Bible readings on The Sermons of Jesus. I’ve listened to a thousand sermons in my lifetime, but to my shame I don’t remember or apply much of them.  The Sermon on the Mount, the Beatitudes, the Seven Woes, boldly predicting the end of the religious establishment of His day, this week we’re going to listen to the words of the World’s Greatest Preacher!

Sermon 1

Week 8: The Beginning Ministry of Jesus

In the next five readings we’ll be examining a transitional period in Jesus’ life where He goes from being an unknown carpenter from Nazareth to a popular preacher and healer who attracted big crowds.  There is vivid detail captured in the Gospel accounts of Jesus’ early ministry.

One key theme that emerges from these early days of Jesus’ ministry is His commitment to finding followers. Throughout the Gospel accounts we see Him giving the simple challenge, ‘Follow me.’


Week 7: The birth of Jesus

God had given many clues that he was going to send a Saviour to the world, previews, trailers, types, prophecies;  we’ve been studying them.

The good news was that the time had finally come.  No more previews, it was time for the main event.  God entered the world in the person of His Son, Jesus Christ.christmas manger

Explore this week was led by James Meeke, teacher and Chaplin at Exeter Cathedral School.

Week 6: More prophecies about a Saviour

We are a quarter of the way through our 100 Bible reading challenge.


The five readings this week are all taken from the Old Testament prophet Isaiah.  Isaiah is the most quoted prophetic book in the New Testament.  The most significant thing about Isaiah is that his prophecy gives us the most information about the coming Messiah.

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Week 5: Prophecies about a Saviour

We are four weeks into our twenty week challenge.

Whatever you think about prophecy, it’s important to understand that the Bible takes it very seriously and contains lots of it. There are hundreds of specific predictions in the Old Testament about the coming of a Messiah who would bring God’s salvation to Earth.  Jesus Christ perfectly fulfilled every one of them.

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Week 4: Psalms about a Saviour

Jesus often quoted from the Psalms.  It is obvious that He studied and memorised the Scriptures.

From today will read five Psalms (there are many more we could have chosen)  that give a graphic picture of what would happen to Jesus.


Week 3: Trailers of a Saviour

At the cinema, you get trailers of forthcoming films, a quick taste of their most exciting parts.


Although Jesus is only born at the beginning of the New Testament of the Bible, there are many ‘trailers’ of Jesus in the Old Testament.  Jesus himself said that the Old Testament spoke about Him.  In many ways, all of the Bible is about Jesus.

In each of our five readings this week, we’ll consider an Old Testament ‘type’ of Jesus that is specifically referenced in the New Testament.  Each of these ‘types’ gives us a unique picture of the Saviour who would appear hundreds of years later.

Week 2: The Essential Jesus Challenge has taken off!

Week 2

The Bible calls Jesus the ‘Saviour’ of the world.  But that raises an obvious question:  Why do we need to be saved?  What problem could be so great that God Himself had to come to earth to solve it?


The need for a Saviour is the theme of the five Bible readings this week.


The readings are:

Genesis 3:1-24
Exodus 32:1 – 33:6
Psalm 14:1-7
Isaiah 59:1-21
Amos 5:1-27


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Week 1: What are God’s plans for you for 2015?

Are you ready to jump into the Bible but you don’t know where to begin?  We’ve got the perfect start for you!  Join us for 100 days as this New Year we accept the Essential Jesus Challenge. This Bible plan will take you through twenty five Old Testament and seventy five New Testament passages about Jesus.  You can pick up your fold-out planner from Colin.

This week Lynn introduces us to the series with a week entitled Who is Jesus?

The five readings for the week beginning Sunday 4 January 2015 are:

Truth Beyond Facts: John 1:1-18

Living Like Jesus: Philippians 2:1-11

It’s All about Jesus: Colossians 1:15-23

What is God Like?: Hebrews 1:1-4

The Big Church: 1 Peter 1:4-10

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Staying healthy

Over the Christmas period, we’ve been unwell as a family, one or two at a time bedridden, colds, coughs, temperatures, weak, even hallucinations.  When we’d gone through the whole family, it felt like the cycle started again!  Talking to you, many of you have suffered the same or similar.


Jesus came as ‘Saviour’ and talked about ‘salvation’ as including healthy minds, bodies and healing from sicknesses.

How have you tackled it when you, or one of your family, have appeared to be going down with illness?