Romans 8: Focus on the spirit

Focus the mind on the flesh, and you’ll die; but focus it on the spirit, and you’ll have life, and peace. The mind focused on the flesh, you see, is hostile to God. It doesn’t submit to God’s law; in fact, it can’t. Those who are determined by the flesh can’t please God.

Romans 8:6-8, New Testament for Everyone

An interview with Tim Farron: Why I put Christ ahead of my career

In this interview politician Tim Farron tells Premier Christianity magazine how the “trials and tribulations” he experienced while leading the Liberal Democrats have enabled him to be more open about his faith. He also tells the story of how he became a Christian.

It’s three years since Tim Farron was caught up in the mother of all media furores. The then leader of the Liberal Democrats hoped the 2017 general election campaign would be an opportunity to make the case for remaining inside the EU. Instead, the media became fixated on repeatedly asking him one very specific question.

“Do you believe gay sex is a sin?” Farron was asked over and over again – in almost every interview he gave for weeks on end. Initially, he avoided giving a direct answer, but as the question refused to go away, the leader was faced with an unenviable choice: let his party down or compromise his faith. In the end, he gave a BBC interview in which he uttered the words he hoped would end the scrutiny: “I do not believe gay sex is a sin.” (Later, he told Premier Christian Radio he regretted that answer. “I attempted to push it away by giving an answer that frankly was not right,” he said.)

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Explore favourite: Until You Do

St Aldates Worship recorded a live version of Explore favourite Until You Do for their online church services during Covid-19.

You will make all things new,

Until You do we choose to trust in You

Esther-Jane White, Jamie Thomson © 2019 Bespoke Records Ltd.,

Hillsong Worship: Awake My Soul

This song by Brooke Ligertwood is based in the temple of God in Isaiah 6.  The vivid use of Isaiah’s language makes this song rich:  It’s the sound of the Saviour’s robe/As He walks into the room where people pray/Where we hear praises He hears faith.